My focus is always on my clients

Private clients services

I assist private individuals who wish to establish banking or similar relationships and support them in the account opening process. If required I can provide recommendations on suitable Banking, EAM partners or Fintech services based up on their wishes and compatible with their profile.

Private clients services

Why outsource?

  • You are looking for the best suitable bank for you in terms of costs, services, location and understanding of your needs?
  • You aim to optimize the chances of success in opening an account within a specific financial institution, Family office etc … ?
  • You want to avoid as many time-consuming requests from financial institution’s Compliance department?
  • You need assistance to establish a proper KYC story and explanation on how you made your wealth?
  • You want to have a pre-check on the information that financial institution might find about your profile to better anticipate the bank’s requirements?
  • You need advice in relation to KYT, this would include justification and explanations of initial account opening funds?

Examples of specific services offered:

  • Pre-check Client history on banking registers, via dedicated tools, social media and other internet sources.
  • Preparation of relevant KYC and KYT documentation including SOW (source of wealth) and SOF (source of funds): I assist you to build a suitable story about your profile with a view to acceptance by the desired financial institution where you want to open an account.
  • Liaison and communication with the financial institutions’ Compliance department: I interact on your behalf with their Compliance department for a smoother and faster onboarding process.
  • Assistance in preparation and completion of bank applications and all related documents: I assist you to gain time and facilitate the process.
  • Introduction where required to suitable banking institutions, EAMs or Fintech companies: I can recommend the most suitable partners for you, considering your needs, expectations, activity planned and culture.